How much does tattoos cost, Tips & what to Expect when getting a Tattoo


Tattoo prices differ and it depends from shop to shop. But the average tattoo prices generally start from fifty dollars to about sixty dollars and it can go up to collectors which may even cost thousands of dollars on a single tattoo. So why does the tattoo cost so much? It depends on many factors.


How much does tattoos cost


In many parts of our country different tattoo artists charge differently. Some artists charge by the hour and it costs an average about a hundred dollars, some are even more expensive than this rate and some even charge a flat rate. In a flat rate lies the whole sessions and it costs on average 250 dollars. The price again here is not fixed because if depends from artist to artist. And the sessions may last from two hours to six hours.


Mostly artists who charge a flat rate as opposed to the artists who charge by the hour pose a reason that this way it is fairer for the artist to charge. And it is also fair for the customer. Fair for the artist in way that they are not really time bound or restricted and they can really focus on their work without any limitations where there is no such issue of the person’s finances or money.


If a person wants a smaller tattoo done say a small rose tattoo on their ankles some of the tattoo parlors then charge that is the shot minimum category and it is a bigger tattoo which is more work demanding say a chest piece tattoo then it requires on the average two sessions and will probably cost about five hundred dollars.


Some of the factors also include:




It also depends on artist to artist. The artists level of expertise, their experience, their level of skill and artistic ability. If the artist is a local celerity of some sort then they even charge more by the hour. And it is also difficult to get a hold of them so many people have to do bookings in advanced if the artist is of a higher caliber which not be an issue if you want to get a quality tattoo since it is going to be permanent on your body.




Size of the tattoo matters a lot also. Smaller tattoos take less time to prepare or made and get them done on the person. Whereas larger tattoo’s say a whole back piece will definitely take more time. Because it first needs to be prepared by the artists when you show them your designs and then the amount of sessions you will do with them. Multiple sessions are required for larger pieces so it has a better quality also how much a person’s skin can endure in one session when the needle is puncturing your skin at a faster rate continuously.




How much does tattoos cost also depend on the location of the store or which part of the country it is in. More developed the city higher the tattoo rates will be compared to other locations. When you do your own research in your location and other places then compare then you can clearly see the difference between them. A tattoo that will cost 150 dollars at Arkansas will cost double the amount if you get it from California.


Tattoo’s color and design:


A single colored tattoo doesn’t cost as much as a multicolored tattoo. Because more detailing and time goes into the multicolored tattoos. When more time and more sessions it take then the cost goes up with it.


Same goes for the tattoo design. A simple tattoo design costs from fifty to a hundred dollars. But if it’s a complex design or piece it will cost more. It will take more time for the artist to prepare and if more intricate the design more time it takes and again the price goes up along with it.


So it bends towards the factors that are mentioned here but the cost should not be an issue because you are having a permanent procedure done on your skin so take your time before you finalize on your decision. If you still need more information about the tattoo prices visit our blog.

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