How to chooe the right chicco umbrella stroller

Chicco umbrella stroller

When you need a reliable and sturdy buggy for a young child, then the Chicco umbrella stroller is one of the most popular varieties around. The company have produced a number of different models of their easy-to-fold pushchair, including the Liteway, and the Ultra Lightweight. These can provide the best options for many parents who want to buy something which will bear their child for several months, while also being compatible with a busy and demanding lifestyle. Chicco have been going since the 1950s, and makes a range of products for the baby and toddler market, from car seats to toys. The strollers themselves are well-known for being well-built, in the European style for lightweight and easy to manage pushchairs and strollers.

Best Umbrella Stroller Review

The most well known of the umbrella stroller made by Chicco designs is the Lite-way, doing exactly as you might expect, being a very light model of stroller. Unlike most umbrella stroller varieties, the Chicco Liteway is considered to be suitable for newborns right up to around 36 months, which is certainly a long time for a stroller to be going. It has a number of recline positions, including one which is virtually flat, meaning that even newborns can be supported by the buggy. It is also one-hand adjustable, so that mothers can keep one hand on the buggy while they make the changes. It is also considered to be ideal for parents in a number of other ways, including locking front wheels which ensure that it doesn’t bounce around too much on gravel or stony pavements, and it also has foam soft-grip handles, which ensure that mothers can hold on comfortably. However, the folding does require 2 hands to complete, which can be rather inconvenient when trying to use public transport.

Umbrella Stroller buying guide

The Capri Ultra Lightweight model is an essential Chicco umbrella stroller for anyone who wants to travel with their baby, or go long distances where the buggy will have to be carried rather than used. It is easy to use, and only weighs around 11lbs. This means that it can be easily carried by parents who are moving from one place to another, or who want to take their babies on planes or trains. There are also accessories such as a canopy which can be removed, and a basket below the seat for diaper bags and purses. However, it is the lightness and durability of the stroller which makes it ideal for traveling parents. Although it does not have the reclining features of its relative the Lite-way, and can only hold up to 37lbs, it has front and back suspension and lockable front wheels, which means that it can be used safely even while walking on the beach, or in the park.

umbrella stroller: conclusion

Affordable and easy to use, in some areas the Capri Ultra Lightweight is known as the C6. The majority of parents consider it to be a great traveling stroller which is ideal for traveling with a young child. The Capri also comes with a range of features which cannot be found on most other models of Umbrella stroller, including the canopy. The only real disadvantage to the stroller is the fact that it can be hard to fold away. There is a push-down-pull-up bar which is designed to keep the frame of the stroller set into one position. When you want to fold the stroller away, this needs to be opened by reaching down and pressing a tab. This is not convenient to do for many mothers, at least without practice, and might put some parents off buying this model of the Chicco umbrella stroller.

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